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Bat Control in Atlanta , Georgia is a typical call for most nuisance wildlife removal companies in the Atlanta metro area. Bat control is the process of the removal of a bat colony or bat infestation from your home, church or business. A bat can carry disease and bat bugs which is a sister species of bed bugs.

Bat Removal may be accomplished by sealing the entire structure and installing a one way bat door or bat cone to allow the colony of bats to leave the structure, but prevent re-entry. The use of a one way bat door or bat cone is the most humane way to remove bats from your home, church or business, whether they are roosting in the attic, chimney or eaves.

A Bat found  in the attic can be a dramatic experience. attic crawlspaces are the usual place bats are found colonizing. Bats in the attic or bats infesting the attic can be removed humanly by Nuisance Animal Control Companies. Make sure to find a reputable wildlife company. We recommend The Wildlife Professionals of Atlanta, GA.

Bat flying around in house in the middle of the night can be extremely frightening. When a bat is found flying around the house it is usually a sign of a bigger issue. A bat infestation may be the cause of the lost bat in the house.

When a baby bat is  found in bathroom or any other room in the house call your local wildlife professional. If a baby bat is found you can rest assured that mommy bat is somewhere close and that typically indicates a bat colony.

When do bats have babies? Depends but usually September to October and in the spring March to April depending.  A bat proofing specialist or Bat removal professional will never try to attempt bat removal at this time. Female bat will only have one offspring a year and that makes it hard for a colony to repopulate if the colony is damaged or killed. In fact most bats are federally protected.

When do you have to stop bat exclusion work? Never try to bat proof a structure when the bat colony has young. It is illegal to exclude bats when they have young baby bats in the bat colony.

I found a bat colony and I have no idea what to do. First thing is to do some research. Find out who is the best bet for bat proofing or bat infestation removal. Make sure to question the wildlife professional you contact. You want to make sure that the animal control specialist does humane bat removal.

A bat infestation can be described best as a large bat colony of 50 or more bats living in the attic crawlspace, basement, chimney or the eaves.

What do bats eat? Bats will eat their weight in insects every night that they forage, This makes bats extremely beneficial to our environment. Bats are a protected species.

Atlanta covers areas such as Acworth GA, Marietta GA, Roswell GA, Alpharetta GA, Smyrna GA, Kennesaw GA, Sandy Springs GA, Powder Springs GA, Dallas GA, Hiram GA, Lawrenceville, Athens GA, Macon GA, Duluth GA, Druid Hills GA, and all metro areas.


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